Closer Than Danger

Ruth Chadd

The "Closer Than Danger" project is a debut EP that I am very happy to share. It was duplicated under my former perfomance moniker, "Ruth Beck", and features original forays into harp composition and songwriting that highlights a span of about 4 years.

The title "Closer Than Danger" means close to the heart. Closer than the illusions we prop our fears up on. Closer than pain. This album is about that journey to the center of that opening, to the center of the heart. It was made with love worn on the sleeve. Thank you, thank you for your support in listening and loving the music. Take care out there, ~Ruth
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So what exactly do I do?....

I make music, and of course there are many definitions of what that means. Mostly, for me, it means I love to compose, either in my home studio or in live concert settings, both spontaneous and layered sounds. I also like to blend the dynamic of raw acoustics with electronic sequencing and sound sampling. This is really a lifelong project, and music is the most recognizable language I know how to use to express myself.

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