Let's Face It

This past year of having all 2020 concerts cancelled (or indefinitely rescheduled) while tackling parenting (I'm a mum of 2 boys) plus trying to maintain creative impulse...has been virtually annihilating on so many levels!

I know I am not alone…

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Such a Year! =)

2019 brought so much richness, great change and new direction to my journeys in life and music!

"Falling Down at Onehorse Creek" (Vol 1) digital EP was released! =) 

I also added a beautiful therapy harp to my little harp…

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Silence as Failure?

I'm thinking a lot today about what silence means in my life as an artist, musician and woman.

I hear from other artists & musicians lately about silence as a form of failure.

As a woman in modern culture, I…

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New Harp!

After taking a brief hiatus from music performance following the birth of my second son and the completion of my Master's degree in Comparative Religion & Philosophy, I am happy to announce a successful re-entry back into the world of…

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Artist-Of-The-Month Endorsement for K&K Sound!



I couldn’t be happier with the crystalline quality that K&K amplification adds to my harp, both in live performances and studio recordings! We used a custom K&K system…

Time for a New Harp ~

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the dynamic harp-designing/building duo in Sharon & Dave Thormahlen, makers of Thormahlen harps, fine contemporary lever harps that are known worldwide. I had played on a small number of Thormahlen…Read more

Debut Album Release & Other Meanderings...!

This week I am enjoying the sincere pleasure of getting to listen to the final mixes of the 6 featured songs on my upcoming debut album, "Closer Than Danger". I've worked as a backup vocalist and musician on a small…Read more

Off to the Big Island!

What a busy year it has been, full of so many memorable adventures! My musical travels this year have included tours through Northern New Mexico, with its grand spiritual beauty of the mountain high places of Santa Fe and Taos…Read more

And passion grows...

It was only 2 months ago that I flew my Dusty Strings harp down to Houston, TX to hole up for a few days of beginning work on a new album featuring new songs on a new instrument in a…Read more

6-song EP Successfully Recorded!

Well, to any who have been keeping up with my music whereabouts, just an update that both my 34-string Dusty Strings harp & myself arrived intact in Houston, TX on September 25th, recorded 6 songs on harp and vocals &amp…Read more

New Album On the Way!

Well, the time has finally come! After countless pre-production demos, I am very excited to announce that I will be going into the studios to record my first album this September! The record will feature original tunes on both Celtic…Read more